The Dream Fund

Mitch Albom started the Dream Fund at the College for Creative Studies in 1992 to provide funding for under-served children to participate in the arts and to instill confidence in our youth.  Since that time, CCS has utilized the Dream Fund to support visual, performing, summer “Week at a Time” youth scholarships, community art programs, and even the Detroit 300 project in 2001.

The Dream Fund has raised over $115,000 in scholarships since its inception in 1991.

The College for Creative Studies (CCS) is an integrated learning community located in Detroit. A private, fully accredited college, CCS enrolls nearly 1,400 students pursuing Master of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. CCS also offers visual art opportunities for learners of all ages through its Community Arts Partnerships and Continuing Education programs

Detroit Dream Scholarship Fund


In his continuing partnership with the College for Creative Studies and the Dream Fund, Mitch Albom has donated $60,000 to establish the Detroit Dream Scholars Award. But there's a catch: he's challenged 11 other donors in the arts and business communities to join him to build the 'Detroit Dozen' in scholarships for a CSS education.

"Talent is not the issue in Detroit. There are so many gifted young people. The problem is access and affordability,” says Albom. “While I am excited about the work we are doing with the Detroit Dream Scholars Fund, I’d like to challenge my friends in the arts to make a similar commitment. Michigan is full of other authors, musicians, actors and visual artists who have been nurtured by this community. I’d like 11 of my friends from the arts and business communities to join me so that we can provide ‘Detroit Dozen’ scholarships to get a CCS education.”

The Detroit Dream Scholarship Fund will provide scholarships for students from Detroit to attend CCS as undergraduates. The "Detroit Dozen" will provide opportunity to twelve deserving students without financial means to attend CCS as undergraduates. Each scholarship recipient is required to work on a public art project in the summer as a way of giving back to the City of Detroit.

The recipient of this year’s scholarship is Sherelle Garrison. She is a graduate of the Detroit School of the Arts High School and she is majoring in Fine Arts at CCS. Other courses of undergraduate study at CCS include: Advertising, Illustration, Graphic Design, Transportation Design, Product Design, Entertainment Arts, Art Education, Interior Design, Photography and Crafts.

This year’s scholarship was celebrated with a reception on Thursday, September 22 at CCS’s A. Alfred Taubman Center for Design Education.

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Students and events that have benefitted from The Dream Fund

Students and events that have benefitted from The Dream Fund

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