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WHo does he think he is to trash him, join me as my most favorite author disappoints me and others. join me with trashing him back.

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Re: MItch trashing michael jackson?

I read the article, too, that Mitch wrote about Michael Jackson and don't feel as if Mitch trashed him at all.

Although I have always been a huge fan of Michael Jackson and his music (since the 1960s) and, unlike a lot of people out there in the media who write & say things about Michael, I didn't feel as if there was one single word written by Mitch that wasn't true.

Michael did live a bit of a different life than most celebrities do. This is not saying anything bad about Michael as you can't get any truer than that.

Michael was forced into the entertainment business as a child and never allowed or given the opportunity to be a kid that any other child gets to have in life. And, the kind of fame that Michael achieved in his lifetime, and on the scale it was, the guy had absolutely not one corner of this earth he could go to and be a normal guy...or even somewhat of a normal guy. There was no place Michael could go---not even out his front door to pick up a newspaper off the porch. I think the point Mitch was trying to make is that we can't imagine a life like this---the way Michael lived was so far removed from the way the rest of us live out here. This isn't either a good thing or a bad thing but, it is what it is.

In his article, Mitch talks about the opinions that the public had of Michael over the years---no thanks to the press, I might add. But, every example that Mitch gave about these public opinions weren't necessarily what Mitch thought---he was just writing about what the public had thought of Michael and how surprising it was that all of these people who supposedly adored and loved him, only came out of the woodwork once Michael was gone. Where in the hell were these people during the times when this guy could have used a real friend---the kinds of friends that you and I (and even some celebrities) are lucky to have.

Mitch started his article, and pretty much ended his article by saying that he always felt sorry for Michael Jackson. And, you know what? I did too.

I'm not sure which article you are referring to where Mitch trashed Michael Jackson---maybe you're talking about a different piece that I didn't read. (?)

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Re: MItch trashing michael jackson?

Wow, I remember being amazed at the nice words Mitch had to say about Chuck Daily when he passed and I had comment to family how nice it was. So for him to go off on a MJ rant seams very odd to me. His words seem so cinical (sp?) to me, why is that?
I don't see him the way Mitch describe him.

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