21 Feb 2013: Senator Debbie Stabenow at Have Faith Haiti

It was an exciting Wednesday for the children of the Have Faith Haiti Mission when Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-Michigan) paid a special visit to the mission during her trip to Cuba and Haiti.

The children greeted her evening arrival with a handmade banner and welcome songs in English and Creole. After a tour of the facilities, Senator Stabenow read to the children and participated in their evening devotions. The Senator was also kind enough to bring gifts for the children, including crayons, construction paper, a prayer book, and bubbles!

Mitch and the Have Faith Haiti Mission want to extend their deepest gratitude to Senator Stabenow, her staff, and the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince for their generosity of time and spirit and their show of support for the Mission. It was honor to host Senator Stabenow, and welcome her return to the Mission in the future!

Senator Stabenow at HFH

Senator Stabenow at HFH

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