12 May 2011: Have A Little Faith: The Movie

 It's official! Have a Little Faith will be made into a major made-for-television movie. It's scheduled to air this Christmas season. The best part? It will be shot in Detroit and even at Pilgrim Church, home to the late Pastor Henry Covington.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Below, let us know who you think should play Henry and the Reb!

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This is a very beautiful & touching movie

I just caught the last half of the movie " Have a Little Faith", I loved it, it was such  a heart touching movie, alot of parts in it made me cry as it was so touching. It was almost like a message from Our Heavenly Father to me.  Wouldnt it be so awesome if everbody in this world would watch this movie & it would touch their heart so much to change their lives That would please Our Lord so very much.  He loves us so much that He gave His life for us so that our sins would be forgivin & that we would ever lasting life!

Miracles do happen I know this for sure, things do happen in life that can change our lives & to live the way God wants us to. Back in 2009 I was in the hospital, the Doctors told my daughter there wasnt anything more they could do for me, that it was up to God & me weather I lived. I was told later that there was alot of prayers for me. My son who never has prayed before , that day dropped to his knees and prayed & cried to Our Lord, asking Him to let me live.

 A few days later I was released from the hospital & went home. God was with me in the  hospital, & He made me well again, He gave me & my family a miracle, as He let me remain here on earth with my family & friends. He gave me that 2nd chance in life.

If He can make this earth & give life to us, He can change our lives if we truly want Him to, and its so simple for us, see all we have to do is ask Him for forgiveness & invite Him into our life & heart. I know there is a God, as I can feel his presence every day in my heart & life,

All you have to do is to Believe in Him & invite Him in your life & heart. He is waiting for you, to give Him the invite.  What a beautiful birthday present to Jesus this Christmas if everyone ask Jesus into their lives & heart!  What a Glorious Day that would be! Praise the Lord!

Remenber Our Lord this Christmas Day & everyday, as He is the reason to celebrate Christmas! Its His Birthday.

May God touch your lives & Bless You!

Merry Christmas to everyone.



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Comments about the movie for Mitch

I watched the movie twice last night and just had to tell you how touched I was...and how it somehow lifted my spirits and gave me hope...from my chair in a little town in Georgia I again discovered what faith is...I had all but lost that after the death of my child 2 years ago...I have been bitter, and yes, argued with God, and asked the question "Why?" so many times....I felt like this movie was a jolt back to life and I just want to THANK YOU for sharing this story....more than you will ever know...I am looking forward to reading the book and have told everyone I know how special this movie is...

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Who Should Play Pastor Henry Covington In Have A Little Faith

Hey Mitch,

I don't know who has been chosen to play Pastor Henry Covington in your upcoming movie "Have A Little Faith".  I would have suggested veteran actor Charles S. Dutton.  Not only is there a striking physical resemblance between the two men but Mr. Dutton, like Pastor Covington, served time in prison and later found redemption .  Just my .02 cents ! Love all that you do!


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Pastor Henry

When reading the book, I pictured Charles S Dutton as Pastor Henry and Mos Def as Young Henry.  I also pictured Tom Bosley as The Reb, unfortunately, that cannot be.

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Mollie Plays her Mother


My name is Mollie Rubinstein. My great-grandfather, Harry Fastow, was the founder and first president of TBS. He hired Rabbi Lewis in his living room. My mom is Lisa Dvorkin. She was one of those "sixth-grade girls wearing a black cotton leotard, slouching and whispering." Rabbi Lewis married my grandparents, bat-mitzvahed my mother and bar-mitzvahed my uncle, Gary Dvorkin. The Reb also confirmed my mother, married my parents and named me. I am an actress (very short and15 years old) and think it would be a BLAST to play my mom (who I look JUST like) in the movie!!!!!!!! I have been acting in community theatre since I was 8 years old and I am sure I could pull this off. I hope to hear from you very soon.

Thanks a bunch,

Mollie Rubinstein

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Albert Finney for the Reb

I kind of pictured Albert Finney's character from "Big Fish" as the Reb. Can't think of one for Henry, although found another "Henry" that looks and acts the part righ here in Jacksonville, FL!

hurricane1734's picture

or....Michael Parks from Kill

or....Michael Parks from Kill Bill as the reb

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Judd Hirsch as the Reb,

Judd Hirsch as the Reb, Charles S. Dutton as Henry.

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Lead roles

Tommy Lee Jones as the Reb; LeVar Burton as young Henry and Tyler Perry as Pastor Henry for leads.

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Tommy can do anything...i'm not seeing levar or definitely not t

Tommy can do anything...i'm not seeing levar or definitely not tyler.

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